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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Many people ask how we train service dogs without a facility and why we do not have a 2+ year wait like other training companies. Here’s the answer.

People and companies have been training service dogs since the 1920’s and during that time there have been many schools of thought on the best way to train a dog.

Texas Expert Canine is a mixture of facility training (board and train) and in-home based training company. We come to you, whether that’s at your home, office or anywhere out in the world that best fits our need, service dogs are no exception. Because there are thousands of schools of thought on this subject, I will just go in to how we train service dogs and why it works for us and our clients.

Steps to service dog training with Texas Expert Canine

1. You must provide documentation on mental or physical

disability. We will ask for this documentation and it must be

from a medical provider.

2. We then do a thorough interview with you on what you are

looking for and what you would like your service dog to help

you with. During this time, we make sure you understand

the reality of owning a service dog and all that it entails.

3. Next, we find the dog that’s right for you. This process can

take some time. We will help you search for the right match

and temperament test dogs along the way. This could be

from a rescue or even a shelter. If you currently own a dog

that you would like tested, we can do that too. The ideal age

would be between 9 months to 2 years. Once we find the

match, we will have your veterinarian do a thorough check

to make sure they are healthy and up for the task.

4. Training begins. During this period, the dog will be in your

care full time. You will be heavily involved with training to

ensure you understand how the process works and how to

encounter every situation with confidence, and learning

together with your dog only strengthens the bond between


We start with basic obedience (heel, sit, stay, down, place,

etc.) and once that is full proof, we take you and your dog

into the real world to begin advanced obedience and service

dog training. This process can take up to 6 months

depending on the task(s) your dog will need to perform.

During this time, we will take you and your dog though real life

scenarios that you may encounter so there will be no


5. Graduation day! After all training is complete and the

handler and dog can show 100% confidence in basic

obedience and the tasks that need to be completed, you will

graduate from your “service dog in training” vest to your

“service dog” vest.

6. Texas Expert Canine will be with you throughout the lifetime

of your dog. If for some reason you have trouble through the

years, we will help you, free of charge.


We do not tend to have a wait on service dog training due to our

training style and level of involvement from the handler. This also

makes our fees much lower than the average service dog facility. If

you have any questions, please call or text (614)582-4754.

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