*Documented condition required

You must have a documented health condition that warrants assistance. This may include psychiatric disorders such as PTSD or Major Depression, if the dog is trained for a specific task that you are unable to do yourself.

*Remember- a service dog is NOT a pet. The person requiring the service dog will be required to do all of the reinforcement and daily maintenance, such as; feeding and exercise. Other family members’ interaction will be limited.

Do you currently have a dog that you think can do what it takes? We will thoroughly evaluate your current dog to test if he/she has the ability to perform the specific tasks that you need.
Looking for a dog? We will help you find the right dog that matches what you are looking for. This can include finding your service dog at the local shelter, breeder or private adoption. We do temperament tests at shelters as well as puppy temperament tests at the breeder.

SERVICE PREP PROGRAM *Temperament Test Required*
The specific service dog task training does not happen until your dog is at least 1 year of age. This will prepare your 5-12 month old puppy for future service dog work. We will start basic obedience sit, stay, heel, down, come & place, as well as LOTS of socialization around many situations and starting the service dog way of life.
We will keep your dog at the TEC Ranch for one week of every month until the training is complete. Yes, you will still need to work with your dog for reinforcement, but we do the bulk of the training.

Upon completion of this program your dog will be a “Certified Service or Assistance Dog” with full public access rights.
This is a 16+-week program that includes all of the basic commands (sit, stay, heel, down, come & place) as well as full public access training and 2 specialized specific task training for assistance that can include;
• Retrieval of objects (keys, credit card, cane, medications, etc)
• Turning on and off lights
• Mail retrieval
• Calling for help-additional equipment required
• Steadying or helping to balance
*More than 2 tasks can be added but require additional sessions.
We will keep train your dog 1week of every month and work one on one with your dog to teach him/her how to do a specific command or task (sit, down, come or retrieval, for example). Once your dog has learned the command you will be shown how to get the same result by meeting with the trainer as requested. Although you are required to do reinforcement exercises, the bulk of training will be done by us.

This program also includes the vest and all proper identification